SpinVox Winds Your Voicemails into Text For Easy Reading

We had a brief chat with a SpinVox co-founder today and he told us all about this speech-to-text service. SpinVox, when integrated with a cellphone or landline provider, can take your voicemail messages and automatically transcribe them into text that gets sent to your email or your phone as a text message.

This is actually a pretty cool service, seeing as other transcription services we've seen are either expensive or strange to use. SpinVox has lined up Cincinnati Bell and Skype, and are working on some deals with major carriers now (no details yet). We know many people who don't bother listening to voicemails because it requires dialing in, pressing buttons, and listening—these are very lazy people.


Other cool SpinVox usages are sending memos and broadcast messages from your phone by calling a number and speaking. Sounds like a great way to send messages to your husband to pick up some tampons.

Product Page [Spinvox]

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