Spirit Airlines Figures Out How To Screw You Even Harder With Bag Fees

Illustration for article titled Spirit Airlines Figures Out How To Screw You Even Harder With Bag Fees

Spirit Airlines introduced the ludicrous concept of charging you for carry-on luggage two years ago. Apparently that wasn't terrible enough because now the airline says it wants to charge more than twice as much if you haven't paid for your bag when you get to the gate. Jerks.


Effective November 6th, Spirit Airlines is raising the price for all bags you choose to bring on a flight. The basic price for a carry-on will now be $40, but if you haven't paid when you get to the gate, it will cost you a whopping $100. It gets worse. Carry-on bags are more expensive than checked bags, which cost only $38. Ugh why no.

Where do we even begin with this horribleness? Paying for the first bag is outrageous no matter what because how the hell does an airline expect you to fly without bringing anything? Charging for a carry-on is a sneaky tactic used to get people to not bring their bags on the airplane. But charging twice as much for the terrible carry-on fee because you don't want to wait in a long line with all the checked bag passengers is a crime against airborne humanity. [Spirit Airlines vis ABC]


A much bigger crime is the airlines like Deta that change you $50 to check a bag but let you have multiple carry-ons for free. So you end up with a passenger compartment filled with baggage as people bring two "as big as can be" carry-on bags rather than checking one piece of luggage like a rational person should do.

A Carry-On is something you need in-flight (lap-top, reading material, snacks, etc...) NOT your luggage. If you don't need to open it between the time you pack it and the time you open it at the hotel; put it in the belly of the beast not banging down the cramped passenger compartment.

But policies like the one I witnessed last time I flew Delta discourage rational behavior.