SplitFish FragFX PS3 Controller Reviewed (Verdict: Mouse on a Console Done Right)

Those of you playing first person shooters on the PS3 but suck at using the SIXAXIS to aim were probably looking forward to the SplitFish FragFX, the half controller, half mouse contraption. How well does it work? Pretty darn well. And it's customizable too.


You can assign the mouse to control the camera view, the left stick, or even act as a mouse in the PS browser. Downloadable software also lets you reassign all the buttons in case games don't have good assignment options themselves.

There's even a "frag" button, which when pressed, slows down the mouse movement significantly so you can aim even more precisely. For $59 (wired) and $69 (wireless), you can't go wrong with this controller. We just wish they'd make one for the 360.

SplitFish FragFX PS3 Review [IGN]

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