SpongeBob USB Drive Expands When Full

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Unfortunately not a real product, this Russian-designed SpongeBob USB Drive looks like your kids' favorite character when empty, but fills up to a gigantic blowfish when full. Although cool, the concept doesn't make any sense. SpongeBob is a sponge, not a blowfish. Otherwise he'd be called BlowfishBob. Get it together, Russians.


It's of the same design as the flashbags, which get full when full. Neat, but ultimately unusable because your drive will spend most of its time somewhere inbetween, which takes up unnecessary space.

Design Page [Plusminus via Dailygadget via Nerd Approved]

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This guys specialty seems to be to combine two things in such a way that they become an annoyance. Some of his ideas are lifted straight from wearable technology designs showcased by students from a couple of years ago. He's not much of a lateral thinker.