Spotify's 'Year in Music' Tool Tells You How You Soundtracked 2015

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What have you been listening to this year? If you want to find out using cold, hard evidence, then Spotify’s new Year in Music tool will tell you.


By scouring the data it has about your listening habits, Spotify will tell you your tops songs, artists and genres of 2015, along with a few more general facts—like how many minutes of music you listened to in total. It’ll also show you how your tastes changed throughout the year.

There’s also a series of articles describing the listening habits across all of Spotify’s users, but it doesn’t take much musical knowledge to guess that Drake and Bieber were the main event.


For my part, there was a lot of This Will Destroy You, King Creosote and Manchester Orchestra. What did you listen to?


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12,000 minutes, 642 different artists. Most of my stuff was Rock and Rap. Aranda, Disturbed, Red, Lindsey Stirling, and Eminem. Oddly enough, Epic Rap Battles of History as well. I didn’t realized I listened to it that much, but I don’t dispute the results.