Spotted: The Last of the Endangered Kuro Elite Plasmas?

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What have we here? Why, a fresh shipment of what is, after Pioneer's exit from the TV business, now among the most valuable retail inventory around—the sole remaining Pioneer Kuro plasma TVs.


I ran across this scene today outside Park Avenue Audio on 29th and Park in Manhattan—a shop that caters to A/V junkies (I bought my Grado SR60s there), and it's a shipment fresh from Japan. The guys at Park Ave. say that it's becoming quite a battle to secure whatever Kuro inventory remains, but they've got a source that should keep them in Kuros for at least a little longer.

If you're just joining us, Pioneer's Kuros have been the King of All Plasmas for the last several years, with blacks blacker than the depths of cold space. Park Avenue is moving the final generation Elite Pro 111FD 50-inchers for $3,500 and the 60-inchers for $5,000, which is a bit of a markup from the best prices you could find online right now (from the few retailers that still have any stock), but not horrible for an audiophile-centric brick and mortar. Those prices are sure to go up as supply becomes scarcer, though, so if you want to save this dodo from extinction before you'll have to proffer some rare golden doubloons for the privilege, act fast.


Young H Kim

That's ridiculous,

paying a premium on that is/ will be old technology...blah!