Illustration for article titled Spread This Tadpoles Lips to Create Synth Noises on an iPhone

"Let's performance!" promises the whacky Japanese video for the Otamatone iPhone app. The Otamatone, if you remember, was the sperm (or tadpole)-looking musical instrument that you play by pulling its lips down or spreading its cheeks. Sound dirty, yes.


The instrument costs far too much at $36, considering it's the sort of thing you'd play with once and then relegate to a dusty draw, but the iPhone app is only $3. Ok, still too much for something you'd relegate to the "boring apps" folder, but hey—tell me something else that resembles a sperm and adjusts its tone when you tilt it vertically? [iTunes via TokyoMango via JapanTrends via OhGizmo]


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