Maywa Denki's Otamatone: One Part Theremin, One Part Synth, One Part Insanity

The Otomatone is the new instrument created by Novmichi Tosa, and it's maybe the most Japanese instrument ever. Also, it's awesome.


You see, you play this note/tadpole-shaped instrument by tapping or sliding your finger up and down the neck. But you can also adjust the pitch by squeezing the face at the bottom to open and close the mouth.

It's certainly not going to be included in any symphony orchestras anytime soon, but it's a whimsical piece of fun. And if you watch no other part of the video you owe it to yourself to watch the end, where Novmichi plays The Star Spangled Banner in a wig and sunglasses. Amazing. [Maywa Denki via Tokyo Mango via Boing Boing Gadgets]



Yes... "tadpole" shaped...