Sprint Airave, Your Own Personal Cell Tower Box, Goes On Sale Nationwide

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Sprint and Samsung's femtocell answer to T-Mo's Hotspot@Home is now available everywhere after localized tests in Indy and Denver apparently went well enough to push it nationwide. The box connects to your router, allowing you to make calls over the web with any Sprint CDMA phone. It's $100 for the box, plus $15 per month for unlimited calls for one line, or $25 per month for a family plan, which is pricier than T-Mo's Hotspot. But if your house is in a Sprint dark spot (and you haven't switched providers, for some reason), this is for you. [Sprint]

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I think that Sprint gets it half right with the Airave. My house has a piss poor signal, which is where I do most of my calling. What I don't get about the Airave is the pricing.

I would be fine paying the $100 for the unit, but then having to pay an additional $5.00 a month just to use my minutes is not cool. I just don't see the Airave as being an attractively priced solution unless you decide to get the unlimited service on the Airave. But having to pay a monthly fee for extending your service is in part backwards.

Also from what I've researched about the Airave is that it costs Sprint $200.00 to make the units, so they do have to recoup the cost. But there are already so many fees for the cellphone that paying more for coverage is not the best selling point.