Sprint-Compatible HTC Hero Clears the FCC

We've seen rumors that Sprint would be getting the Android-wielding HTC Hero, but now FCC documents have been released showing that a CDMA version (meaning Sprint-compatible) of the Hero has been approved for sale in the US. In other words, those rumors are looking pretty true at the moment. [FCC via Engadget]


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I don't understand why anyone would choose a CDMA provider...

No SIM-card = no backup phone for emergencies.

No SIM-card = no alternate phone for trips.

No SIM-card = no copying your phone book to a new phone.

No SIM-card = having to go through your provider (and salespeople - groan) to activate or use a new phone.

No SIM-card = treat that phone with kid gloves, or deal with another no-alternatives trip through your provider should you have phone repair/warranty issues.

I really don't get it.