Sprint Instinct Firmware Update Fixes Bugs, Paves Path for Feature Updates

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Sprint's best phone, the Instinct got a little bit better today with a firmware update that patches some sniggles. No new features, but this update apparently lubes it up for a big one next month that'll drop in changes to the browser (dear god, make it better), Sprint Nav, TV, Picture Mail-and pretty much everything else on the phone. [Buzz About Wireless, Thanks squirtle!]


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I will concede that Sprint's 3G network is more ubiquitous, however, the speeds of the network are relatively the same according to both their web sites and real world tests. If you live in an area without ATT coverage, obviously the Instinct would be the better choice for you. If we were comparing the networks alone, I would say that, overall, Sprint's is better (minus customer service), but I was just comparing the actual phones to one another. And even when considering the carrier, the iPhone STILL wins for me (and most other consumers, sales numbers are a testament to this).

From reviews I have read, and even Sprint's web site, it is clear that the battery in the iPhone, although not removable, has superior performance. The iPhone is also thinner than the Instinct with a much larger and higher resolution screen.

To say the iPhone is not insurable is absolutely wrong. I currently have mine covered against damage, loss, or theft for $60 per year through my home owners policy. The deductible is only $50. It may not be insurable through my carrier, but it is most definitely insurable.


According to PC World the iPhone's battery is superior to other 3G phones with the exception of Blackberries running on EVDO. The Instinct did well in the test, but was beaten by the iPhone. Even the battery ratings released by the respective manufacturers shows that the iPhone has longer battery life. Good thing you get an extra with the Instinct I guess. Seriously though, a replaceable battery is not that important to most consumers (sales numbers don't lie). If it really is that important to you, the Instinct is your device. I prefer to to have a non-swappable battery, but even many of those who would like an extra battery still choose the iPhone because of its far superior UI and its ease of use among other advantages.

The app store has been out for only a few weeks, and already offers more than the Instinct ever will. If you truly believe that the Instinct will have better quality apps, you are only kidding yourself. The iPhone's development community is already much more robust and will continue to be that way because the iPhone is more profitable for developers because their apps are easily accessible through the app store on millions of iPhones around the world. Also, the iPhone's multi-touch, higher resolution screen, and accelerometers make the platform much more attractive to developers and make for more intuitive applications.


I agree that most of the apps in the app store are crap, but there are a good handful that are really useful, even some of the free ones. For example, Shazam, Guitar toolkit, Palringo, Band, Bomberman, Remote, Pandora, and many others are used on my phone daily. And the quality of these apps are unlike any Ive ever seen on any mobile device in terms of both aesthetics and usability. We'll see what kind of Apps come for the Instinct, but it is hard to believe that the development community will be as robust as the iPhone's.

"I have to disagree with you fully and say there is no way the battery on the instinct can be compared to iphones.first of all the battery lasts me the entire day without needing to connect it to anything."

I also run my iPhone all day without charging, and don't need an extra battery. If I ever do need portable power (which I won't) there are several third party options. All in all both the Instinct and iPhone's batteries have good life, but the iPhone's is slightly better. This is a fact, compare the specs on their web sites, or read any review that compares the two.

The navigation apps will surely cost money, but I don't need navigation, and if I do, the iPhone's turn by trun directions work well enough. Also, There are at least two or three free radio apps for the iPhone already that seem much better than the Instinct's. And live TV on a phone is pointless for most people. I prefer to watch what I want to watch when i want to watch it. If I want to catch last night's episode of American Gladiators, I Tivo it, and transfer to iTunes to watch it when I please. Or I could download a TV episode from iTunes or bittorrent etc and watch when I want to. The only useful implementation for live tv on a mobile would be for sports or or other live events that can't wait, and live sporting events are not available through Sprint's mobile live tv service because of contracts between the various professional sports organizations and networks.

Overall, both phones have their advantages, although the iPhone's far outweigh the Instinct's. If not having a removable battery is a deal breaker, then the Instinct is the phone for you. Either way, your personal preferences don't speak for the masses and just because you prefer a particular device does not make it better. Both companies are in the business of selling phones. You sell more phones by making the best device. I'll let you guess who has sold more.