Sprint Is Suing to Halt the AT&T T-Mobile Merger

Illustration for article titled Sprint Is Suing to Halt the AT&T T-Mobile Merger

Following the Department of Justice's suit against the proposed AT&T/T-Mobile deal, Sprint is predictably following their lead by filing a related federal lawsuit of their own, stating that the "proposed transaction is illegal."


Sprint has always had reason to oppose the deal, stating that the move would be bad for competition and consumers, but this is certainly a step beyond offering advice on improving network capacity. This action puts yet another obstacle in the two telecoms' way, which could only help their already flagging business in the States, especially with the iPhone 5 expected to hit its network later this Fall. But could this be enough? [AllThingsD]



Sprint has been talking a lot of shit lately. I know when they get the iPhone they better not kill the unlimited data package or they will be just as bad as AT&T and Verizon. If that happens, Dan Hesse should be tarred, feathered and spanked in front of the Department of Justice on national tv.