Sprint Keeps Up iPhone Bashing Fest, Still Missing the Point

Sprint has released the rest of its iPhone-bashing ads, part of the Instinct $100 million campaign attacking the old iPhone just when Apple is about to release a new version with Jobs-only-knows how many new features. This time, however, on top of the internet connection and the GPS location, the other features may not be available on the next iPhone. What may be the scorecard next month?


• Live TV: knowing Apple's aversion to television, this one will probably not make it to iPhone 2.0.

• Internet speed: For sure, 3G on the iPhone 99.9%

• GPS: High probabilities of GPS making it to the iPhone 2.0, given the standard integration in last-generation chipsets, the low-power consumption and Apple's recent focus on geographic location.

• Video capture: Also very high probabilities. The current iPhone can capture video already, and Apple was most probably saving it for the next generation, to both make it right, and as a sales bullet point.

• Music store anywhere: The current iPhone limitation of iTunes Music Store access only through Wi-Fi will most probably disappear in the 3G version as well.

So yes, our verdict remains the same: those $100 million are going down the drain. [Sprint]

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Treo FTW!! /duck