Sprint Launches Pay-Per-View Movie Service for Cellphones, Why?

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Title says it all, folks. Sprint has officially launched Sprint Movies, the pay-per-view service that allows mobile phones to stream full length movies. The movies will cost between $3.99 and $5.99 each, per viewing. They can be watched in their entirety or divided up into chapters, similar to DVD format. There will also be the option of 24-hour viewing (aka porn). The service is available on select phones. You know, the same select phones that have 2-inch or smaller screens. Would anybody out there watch an entire movie on a cellphone display?

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Hit the jump to see the entire list of the movies.

Buena Vista VOD
- Annapolis
- Eight Below
- Glory Road
- Herbie: Fully Loaded
- National Treasure
- The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
- The Village

- Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
- Ultraviolet
- Spider-Man 2
- Little Black Book
- Hollywood Homicide
- The Medallion
- The Net
- First Knight


Universal Pictures
- American Pie
- American Pie 2
- Apollo 13
- Babe
- Backdraft
- Billy Madison
- Bring it On
- Dante's Peak
- End of Days
- Erin Brokovich
- Fast and Furious
- Happy Gilmore
- How High
- Jaws
- Kindergarten Cop
- Meet the Parents
- National Lampoon's Animal House
- Reality Bites
- Scarface
- Slapshot
- The Bone Collector
- The Breakfast Club
- The Family Man
- The Jerk
- The Mummy
- The Mummy Returns
- The Nutty Professor 2
- Tremors
- Twins
- U-571

The Larry the Cable Guy Movie?! Oh Boy!

Sprint Offers Full-Length Pay-Per-View Movies on Phone [Mobiledia]