Sprint Loses Another 1.3 Million Customers, $326 Million, Will to Live

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While every other major carrier is routinely piling a million or so customers a quarter, Sprint continues its depressing custom of bleeding out a million—1.3 million, in fact, which is more than its expected loss of an even million. It also lost over $326 million (a year ago, it made $64 million). Apparently, Sprint's given up on efforts to dump its cancerous iDen network (which is a major source of the bleedout) too. Does that mean in effect it's given up the will to live? [NYT]

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You know... The only people I've ever met who claimed that "Sprint sucks" are usually the people who are least educated about what they need in a plan versus what they want. I sell their products (through RadioShack) and have a dedicated following of customers who would never, EVER use a different service. Their new plans for families bundle messaging and data in at rates that make any other company look like a complete ripoff. While I know they may be a bit behind the curve as far as phone handset technologies are concerned, it's largely due to phone manufacturers being finicky about producing CDMA handsets, which have much higher build costs. Producing a line of phones that may only sell 150,000 units is less attractive than making a batch of 3-5,000,000 that can be sold worldwide.

Another thing: the iDen network is losing so many customers largely due to it's inability to provide high-speed data in a reliable and widespread manner, and Sprint is working to fix that as we speak.

For all the Sprint haters out there: just shut up. No one likes whiners. Doesn't anyone remember the nightmare that was AT&T when they split and became Cingular? Or before that, when they migrated all of their customers over from TDMA bricks to GSM handsets and everyone got shit for service? And then absorbed SunCom and Dobson and re-branded as AT&T ALL OVER AGAIN? In comparison, I think Sprint has handled itself rather well.

If anything, you all should be thinking quite seriously about investing in some Sprint stock, cuz it's dirt cheap right now and Sprint isn't going anywhere.