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Exciting news. Sprint and the NFL are now in a synergistic relationship whose goals are to leverage the NFL's top content and valuable value-add output leadership and to offer both parties the opportunity to create a symbiotic content-stream by leveraging video ("moving picture") technology as well as cellphone-centric connect-ability thanks to Sprint's premiere wireless service.

Customers will benefit from the partnership by receiving on-the-fly data streams from Sprint's always-on network. The partnership, which may or may not be called CellNetSprintNFLX2006, depending on if that name is taken, will lead to upsourcing the upsense of the average Sprint user by giving them access to premium, high quality content with maximum experience-building blackbelt level service.


Sprint and the National Football League Ink First-of-Its-Kind, Exclusive Wireless Content and Sponsorship Deal - Delivering the Ultimate Fan Experience [Sprint via Lockergnome]

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