Sprint NOW Screensaver Is Full-On Sensory Overload

When my computer puts up its screensaver, I like to give it a little rest—maybe a nice analog clock or peaceful image of a meadow. But Sprint's NOW screensaver tracks an exhausting amount of information we guarantee you don't need, refusing to cut your overworked computer a break.

The screensaver is pretty much a compendium of individually-useless widgets, but when put together, they create this grating, multi-headed beast of sensory overload. Here's a short list of the provided data we can assuredly say you do not need constant access to:

• Number of coffee cups being produced
• Number of Post-It notes being produced
• A continual stream of infuriating Push-to-Talk chirps
• Number of bicycles being produced
• Number of shopping days before Christmas (hint: lots)
• Number of days until Friday


In the interest of preserving my own sanity, I've got to stop the list there. That chirping is the sound of nightmares. [Sprint via JKontherun via Twitter]

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