At a New York event today, Spotify and Sprint just announced a banger of a new partnership—Sprint Framily plan members can now get six months of Spotify Premium for free beginning May 9.

But regular Sprint customers still benefit—they get three months for no dollars whatsoever. That's a pretty nice deal.


After those free periods, Framily plans with 1-5 subscribers get Spotify for $8/month for the first two years. But bigger Framilies get better deals, so if you have between 6-10 members, you get Spotify for $5/month until the two-year mark. People without Framilies (Framilies!) go back to the same old same old after the first three months—$10/month for Spotify Premium. But that's the only place you're going to get Spotify Premium for free for that long. And it's all payable on your Sprint bill, so you don't even have to think about it.

For the record, that's not unlike the deal that AT&T has kicking with Beats Music, and when you dice up the numbers, it's pretty much the same thing. Beats Music partnered up with AT&T when the streaming music upstart launched in January, offering two different tack-on music plans to its customers. A boring $10 per month individual plan get a single user Beats Music on up to three devices. The $15 per month "family" plan gets up to 5 users on to the service. That's a great deal, one that Spotify CEO Daniel Ek came on stage to call it the very best deal the company has.

But really, everyone wins here. Spotify gets to tap into Sprint's millions of subscribers for more Spotify listeners. And Sprint has a peg to lure more people into its network. And we can definitely get down with more streaming music on more ears.