Sprint to Begin Throttling Data This Summer?

Illustration for article titled Sprint to Begin Throttling Data This Summer?

There aren't many details available yet, but it looks as though Sprint may exercise its fine-printed right to throttle your data starting this summer. That's bad news for you newly minted Evo 4G owners.


The find from Engadget amounts to not much more than a photo of a purported page from Sprint's Playbook, but it makes sense given that T-Mobile made a similar move recently, and that it's a convenient way for Sprint to minimize the strain that the Evo 4G will put on their network. We'll update if and when we hear anything official. [Engadget]

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So AT&T is starting to sound pretty good now that Sprint and T-Mobile are doing this.

Come on Verizon stay a head of the game, don't stoop to the other carriers level.

I have AT&T and find that I have all my bars and really fast 3G speeds more than 90% of the places I go.