Sprint Will Have LTE iPad Minis in Stores Today

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Sprint has announced that it will be selling cellular versions of the iPad Mini, and updated iPad, in its stores as of this morning. Go grab one while you can.


Sprint has explained that "limited quantities of the new iPad" will be available in select Sprint stores. It's not clear how limited those stocks are, but if you're desperate it might pay to play safe and get down there early. The data plans available are fairly standard, ranging from $15 per month for 300MB up to $80 for 12GB.

If you pre-ordered an LTE-equipped iPad Mini, you probably don't have long to wait either: reports suggest that the devices have already started arriving.


Of course they'll be in stock. When your reality is to have less than 10% of your promised coverage area, it's easy to have LTE capable devices in stock because no one wants to be on your network!