Sprint's Samsung Instinct Hitting Retail June 20

Illustration for article titled Sprints Samsung Instinct Hitting Retail June 20

Lining up with the teaser site's "late June" release, Sprint just confirmed to us that its iPhone-slaying Instinct will be hitting retail on June 20. Which is after WWDC, when we're expecting the 3G iPhone to be announced. Guess we'll see how much wind it takes out of the Instinct's um, sales. [Sprint]


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People that live in areas where CDMA and GSM are both available, which is most people, can choose between carriers (CDMA or GSM). People that live in heavily populated areas, don't care or even know the difference between the two technologies.

There may be a few hundred people in Iowa that or Montana that can only use CDMA phones (because that is all that is available), but for the most part, people have a choice.