Spyke Robot Does Its Thing on Video

Witness the Spyke robot in action, controlled from your computer via Wifi. Apparently designed for rich Frenchman who have condos in both NYC and Paris, it's got a camera, microphone, and speaker, allowing you to use it as a wee surveillance robot. You can also use it as the strangest Skype phone ever if you're so inclined. Alternatively, you can use it to spy on people who think it's just a harmless little toy. The world is your oyster! | Video by Richard Blakeley


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Giz fails to mention it is made by Meccano, so it's designed for kids to build, and should not be too expensive. It also comes in over 200 parts, and makes 3 different robots, and has open source software that runs on PC or Mac. Thanks Amazon (who don't list a price yet).

You guys make it sound like some military tech available to rich gadget heads. It's a toy! And a pretty fun looking one too IMHO.