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Square-Enix continues to make Gotham's characters even wackier

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Play Arts Kai's unrepentantly mad appropriation of their DC license continues! Square-Enix brought their A-game to New York Comic Con , but it wasn't just Tetsuya Nomura's Catwoman that gave use their bizarre look at Batman's Rogues gallery there - there were also these figures of Harley Quinn and the Joker too.


The prototypes of these figures were on full display at NYCC this year, but now Square-Enix have put out promo pictures of the final toys to give us a better look at their appropriately batshit take on The Clown Prince of Crime and his Harlequin Associate.


The Joker's in heels, guys. Heels!

There's a lot to love about about this surprisingly reserved yet still crazy incarnation of Joker. The poseable 'frills' of his jacket create some really dynamic poses, and I love the little multicoloured straight Razor's he's playfully swishing about. The colour scheme is amazing too, as is Japan's fondness for taking a design and making it as spiky as they possibly could.

Harley share's a lot of the Joker's good points - lovely bold colours, ridiculous spikiness - and I really do like the harlequin theme they've done, but it's kinda offset by the silly 'sexifying' of it. I'm not sure what it is with Play Arts Kai and female character's bellybuttons, but they certainly enjoy sculpting them. Still, Harley does come with a mahoosive and equally ridiculous hammer too, so that's all well and good.


It bears noting that Square-Enix announced at NYCC that they now have the Marvel License, too - I can't wait for the Tetsuya Nomura Spider-Man that has a costume made entirely out of spider-web-printed leather belts, and 32 superfluous spider-arms. It will be terrible, and I will love it.

Harley and the Joker will make their way to shelves in 2015.

[Images via Toy News International]

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