Squirrel Catapult is Awful, Yet We Can't Look Away

We've shown you some kind-of-mean anti-squirrel apparatuses in the past, but this one takes it to the next level. Animal rights people, don't bitch at us, we didn't do it, we just laughed at it. A lot.


As you can see, there's a rope that attaches to the colander and is slipped under the door. The mouthbreathers that perpetrated this stunt let it go when the squirrel got on board, sending him flying. Obviously you shouldn't try this at home, although we've seen enough squirrels fall out of trees and such that we're confident this guy probably got away alright.

Reaction from the family, after the jump.

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Squirrel Catapult [Random Good Stuff]



Update for all the PETA people. I was out walking last night and a squirrel fell out of a tree right over me, at LEAST 30' high. He hit the pavement (making a nice WHOMPF sound amd scaring the carp out of me), then he immediately jumped up and ran off, without so much as being stunned as far as I can tell. So,this is eye witness proof that the rodent in the video is likely alive and well and stealing from my birdfeeder right now! (And I still love this video, its my all time fav post.)