The Sqush Neck Massager might be the perfect antidote to 24-hour blogging sessions, keeping your tireless team on its toes no matter how many cellphone posts we write.

It's a bit disconcerting that this device looks vaguely like the yokes worn by a team of oxen, but it also reminds us of that old "Bone Phone" (anybody remember that?) from years gone by. Even so, the Sqush could probably put the kibosh on whatever pain you suffer, offering blessed relief for the bargain price of $19.99.


Speaking of bones, isn't the Sqush getting perilously close to an erogenous zone or two in that picture above? Perhaps the ladies might even consider slipping the vibrating massager between the legs for a little ride 'em horsey action. A versatile device, indeed.

Sqush Neck Massager [ubergizmo]