SRS Roof Tiles Power Your House, Give Your Energy Provider the Pink Slip

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Looks like those concept building shingles that double as solar-electric cells are getting a real-life counterpart in SRS Energy's solar roof tiles. Designed to look like "normal" roof tiles, they come in active and inactive tile versions, incorporating special connectors so wiring-up is simple.

You can attach them in the usual way with a nail gun, and then feel all eco-goody-goody about yourself as they generate power for you. Sometimes the pace of technology is amazing, and often that's bad for the environment: not in this case. Hopefully available soon, at an estimated price of around $17,500 for a 3kW system. [SRSEnergy via Treehugger]

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Directly from the website:

System Size: 3.0 kW or 3000 Watts

Cost/Watt Installed $8.5

Assumed Installed Cost:

Total Cost $25,500

Rebates & Tax Credits $8,000

Net Installed Cost $17,500

Savings & Benefits*:

Increased Property Value $15,000

First Year Savings $1,260

Avg Annual Savings $2,120

ROI %500

Payback** 5 years

CO2 saved 94 tons (or 188,000 auto miles)


I'm guessing they included the routine home maintance cost/benefit of replacing your roof under the "Increased Property Value" header.

The site also "SRS roofs cost, look, last, and install like traditional premium roofing."

Kind of an RTFM for all of us eh?

5yrs... if they speak the truth that aint half bad.