It's a little-known fact that's rarely mentioned in the comic books, but in addition to battling the forces of evil with a cybernetic supersuit, Tony Stark also has a passion for stylish Art Nouveau lighting.

And as an homage to Stark's secret passion, Deviant Art member Michael McLane hand-crafted this surprisingly beautiful 3D Iron Man helmet from stained glass. If it weren't for the fact that the character wasn't introduced into Marvel comics lore until 1963, we would have sworn this piece came directly from Tiffany's lamp studio back at the turn of the century.


The helmet is unfortunately a one-off design, but Michael is considering creating commissioned lamps for other pop culture characters for as little as $700. Which is fantastic because an Incredible Hulk rage face lamp would look perfect in any den. HULK GLOW SOFTLY! [Deviant Art via Obvious Winner]