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Stair Dismount iPhone Game Hands On (Verdict: Sadistic Fun)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Stair Dismount iPhone game sent me back eight years to the time when I would waste hours sending the stickman tumbling down instead of working on my programming assignments. The iPhone game is that, with slightly better controls.

Its basic premise remains unchanged: select a part of a body, an angle, and then a level of power that you want to shove him down the stairs with. By varying the three, you get different types of tumbles, with the final goal being to hit as many parts of his person on the ground as hard as possible.


If you're sadistic and enjoy seeing ragdolls get hurt, this is the game for you. The injury process is made all the more fun by the added Facebook Connect feature Secret Exit put in. You can only choose your friend's default profile photo, which eliminates a lot of your friends that don't just use their faces, but still gets you fun results, as seen in the screenshots above.


Basically, you already know if you're the kind of person who would enjoy the game. Either you laugh at people getting hurt, or you don't. And Secret Exit tells me that, depending on sales of this game, they'll consider releasing Truck Dismount (the followup to Stair Dismount). That's undoubtedly just a ploy to get more sales, but this game is good enough as is to warrant a purchase.