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Catcher Technology had to shut down one of its plants after residents complained about a "strange odor" emanating from the factory. The funky factory just happens to produce the metal casing for the MacBook Air. The stench could delay the production of the tiny MacBook.


Catcher Technologies President Allen Horng told reporters that, "Shipments to our customers will inevitably be affected. We already asked them to make adjustments to their (casings) procurement." That's bad news for Apple and Catcher's other major client, HTC.

Catcher's October shipments will dip 20%. Horng also warned that November shipments could fall as far as 40% while the company waits for the government to inspect the plant. It's going to be a sad holiday season if little Timmy can't get a MacBook Air and HTC phone. A sad Christmas indeed. [WSJ]

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