Stanley Brings out a Pair of Watches, One of them Strange

Ah, Brando. The soft "ping" in my inbox that heralds yet another slice of pedestrian weirdness from everyone's favorite purveyor of odds 'n' sods. And today's offering was no different: a pair of watches from toolmaker Stanley. One sports a 16-position compass, but it's the other one that got me all excited—a calculator watch with 6" ruler. Full specs for both after the jump.


Ruler/Calculator Watch
Calculator function with eight digits, "E"(Error)-signs, and decimal point.
24 hour Alarm
6 inch ruler
Automatic calendar for the month and date (it adjusts for 28, 29, 30 and 31 day months automatically)
Quartz crystal time source for high accuracy and reliability.
Sensitive, easy-to-use keyboard for setting the time, date, alarm, calculator operation and changing the mode.

Compass Watch
16 Position electronic compass in English characters display
Digital direction indication in degrees with 1 degree intervals
Displays hour, minute, second, month, date & weekday
12/24 hour display format
3 Daily alarms
Hourly chime signal
1/100S resolution choronograph with 24 hours working range
Chronograph with split function & bargraph animation
Dual time (TM2) with hour and minute
Water resistant to 100FT/30M
Night light electroluminescent (EL) backlighting


Both watches come in a nice toolbox, if you like that sort of thing. [Brando and Brando]

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