Staples to Start Selling Self-Destructing DVDs, Didn't Get the Memo

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The tech world is full of inherently terrible ideas, but one especially bad one that just won't seem to die is the idea that people want to buy DVDs that will self-destruct in a couple of days. Beyond the fact that the entire concept is a giant kick to the balls of the environment, it's an idea that consumers have shown zero interest in getting behind. But here we are, nearly a decade after the idea was first floated, and Staples is about to get onboard with them.

Flexplay, a company that's been peddling self-destructing DVDs for five years or so, teaming up with the office supply store to start selling the coasters for $4.99 each later this month. It's pretty much exactly like the deal between DIVX and Circuit City that tanked so badly back around the turn of the century, but now they're doing it at a time when downloads are becoming more popular, Netflix is ubiquitous and there's a newer disc format out there competing with DVD. Boy, I don't see how this can fail! [PC World]