As a life-long fan of Star Wars and a lover of toys, Hasbro's Black Series range should be lethal for my poor wallet - and yet outside of some Stormtroopers I've somehow managed to keep myself away from it. That might change soon because TAUNTAUNS AND WAMPAS, OH MY.

These new 'deluxe' sets - due in stores between now and the start of next year - first appeared at San Diego Comic Con, but Hasbro released final boxed images of them over the weekend, signifying that they're that much closer to being out on shelves and draining quantities of money out of my Bank account in an instant.

I really love the detailing on the Wampa, like the blood trickling down his chin. And that Tauntaun looks so cute! And now that these are all 6" scaled creatures, it means you can use them with a bunch of other figure likes, like Marvel Legends or NECA's Pacific Rim line. I'm going to make Groot ride a Tauntaun, and it's going to be fabulous.

Hasbro also released pictures of two normal figures, Bossk and Han Solo in his Stormtrooper disguise:


But really, this is all about those glorious Hoth-themed goodies. I'm so sorry, Wallet. You held out for so long, but it's time to give up. The deluxe sets should retail for around $40 each, while the standalone figures will retail for $20.

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