StarPlayr Sirius Satellite Radio iPhone App Canceled

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The StarPlayr Sirius satellite radio iPhone app we detailed back in January, the one whose release was imminent at the time, has been canceled.

The reason for the cancellation is that the app still did not have official approval, possibly due to the fact that a first party app from Sirius itself is also in the App Store pipeline, but that is unconfirmed at this time. And so, since the app was in approval limbo, having not been approved or denied by Apple, the developers chose to fold.


Truly, a sad day for people who want streaming music on their iPhone, but for some reason haven't figured out how great Pandora can be. Still, it sounds like there's hope for an "official" app from Sirius XM. [StarPlayr via TUAW]

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In regards to the last paragraph of the post, what exactly does sirius have that pandora lacks? Would sirius be all XM and not require a wifi connection? Does the iphone have that kind of technology built in?