Rarely does fitness gear prioritize form over functionality (understandably) and that's why most of the time exercise machines and ellipticals are hidden away in a basement workout room. But wouldn't you be more inclined to exercise if your workout gear was in the living room next to the TV? This stylish set of woo and leather weights makes it more convenient to stay in shape because you won't feel you have to hide it away.


The set includes eight dumbbells in total, with pairs ranging in weight from one to six kilograms, or just over two to thirteen pounds. And if you're struggling to develop an effective weight-lifting routine, a set of eight training cards are hidden inside the wooden storage tower so you won't have to spend a dime on a personal trainer.

That's a good thing, too, because at just north of $600 this makes for an expensive addition to your workout routine. But if left in your living room so it's always sitting there making you feel guilty for being lazy, you're certainly more likely to actually use it. [Manufactum via Notcot]

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