Stay Warm and Dry With The Pocketable Ghost Anorak

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Seasoned hikers know what it's like start with a sunny day at the trailhead and walk into howling rain at the summit. Next time you venture out, grab the Ghost Anorak and shove everything you need in your pocket.

The Ghost Anorak from Mountain Hardware is a water and wind resistant ripstop nylon shell that weighs a feather-light 53 grams (women's 49 grams). That's less than the weigh of the average energy bar. The Anorak comes with its own pouch that when folded, literally fits in your pocket. Its size may be small, but its price tag is big — both the men's and women's version retails for a hefty $135. [Mountain Hardware via GearCaster]

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For next to nothing, i could take a black garbage bag up there with me. It would weigh almost the same, be nearly as useful and look better. Those jackets look like used torso condoms, the Norrona at the bottom at least looks like a jacket.