Steve Ballmer Confirms Windows Mobile 6.5

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Sure, Windows Mobile 7 is a year away, but while Steve Ballmer was busy talking smack about Android, he did manage to confirm that Windows Mobile 6.5, which Motorola leaked, is real. While he didn't go into details, he hinted at an improved UI (one can only hope) and software flow. Neowin mentions that it's also believed that 6.5 will be the first Windows Mobile release to have Zune software integration, since WM7 is taking so damn long. We could see 6.5 released in the first couple months of 2009, so maybe we'll get our first peek at CES? [Neowin]

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If Steve didnt have that sweet gig at MS going, he would make a fine televangelist. He would, of course, have to buy a really bad rug to keep up with Ernest Angley, but he would have a bright future bilking old ladies out of their savings.