Steve Ballmer Goes Nuts (Again) To Sell Windows

Microsoft's latest "I'm a PC" advertising campaign kicked off pretty well, but someone, somewhere, thought it was missing something. And by "something" we mean the lunacy of Steve Ballmer shouting at the top of his lungs, "I AM A PC AND I LOVE THIS COMPANY!" while looking like he might punch/eat the camera. Found on Microsoft's Life Without Walls promotional site, users who click on Ballmer's tiny face will be greeted with this message. And while we can't speak for everyone here, we're convinced to run out and buy a few copies of Windows Vista (to distract The Ballmer should he charge us on the open plain). [Life WIthout Walls - Thanks Guillaume!]

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You know, to be where he is, Ballmer MUST have something on the ball, but whatever it is, its really well hidden. He seems like the loud mouth jerk from sales that everyone hates who only got hired because he married the bosses daughter or something.

Very well hidden.