Steve Ballmer Quote-O-Rama

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Steve Ballmer is at D. He's rather clear today, not so ranty. Here are his best quotes from the talk.


• Regarding Bing's name and Steve Jobs: "We should have named it ‘BOOM'!"
• "The Web is designed for the PC … most of these mobile apps are substituting for the fact that the original app wasn't designed for the PC,"
• I just think netbook is a funny brand … what is a netbook? Is it defined by its operating system, its memory, its screen size? They're really just PCs. I bet if you asked people if they planned to buy a portable computer you'd get a much better response. … It's a little hard to know what the heck the difference is between the netbook and the PC."
• "Vista is faster than XP"

A pretty mild talk, otherwise.

[All Things D]



Ballmer looks like Cheney and sounds like Bush, what hath hell created.