Steve Jobs Helped Negroponte With the OLPC Laptop

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Talking at the University of Pennsylvania yesterday, One Laptop per Child's founder Nicholas Negroponte said that Steve Jobs helped in the development of the OLPC computer. Wait. What?

I got an email from Steve Jobs (the night the laptop was revealed) he said you can't build it for a hundred dollars, and my answer was oh yes I can. He was actually a very good critic, and each time we got to a point, I did talk to him.


Surprised? I'm too. It's just too bad that Steve was right in the first place. Like our own Mark Wilson puts it:

The OLPC is such a piece of shit—the one I have here is completely misshapen from lousy production/materials, i dont know how these are supposed to last in harsher environments

I agree both on the spirit and the lettering. [The Digital LIfestyle]


Michael Crider

The Jobs helps us all, Jesus. He helps us simply by His presence on this (His) Earth. If more people realized that taking advice from The Jobs is a good, good thing, our economy would stabilize, world peace would be achieved, and no one would ever have to suffer through generic WinTel boxes again.