I know it wasn't the Oscars, but couldn't His Royal Steveness have made just a teensy bit more effort at California's Hall of Fame last night? Sporting a Ronald McDonald costume made entirely from tofuburgers black poloneck and jeans, the co-founder of Apple eschewed the red carpet and snuck in through a side door at Sacramento's California Museum for History, Women and the Arts.

Bounding on stage to the strains of Revolution by that popular beat combo The Beatles, Jobs managed to look bashful as Arnie and Maria hung a gold medallion round his neck. Although yesterday's ceremony was the Golden State's first ever HoF gathering, the Gubernator and his First Lady, Maria Shriver, managed to get all 75 inductees to show up—unless, of course, you count the dearly departed, such as John Wayne. There was, however, a last-minute no-show: Elizabeth Taylor. Perhaps she felt that Jobs' interpretation of the dress code was a little too casual. [Reuters]