A survey conducted by Junior Achievement found that the majority of aspiring teenage entrepreneurs age 12-17 idolize Steve Jobs over such celebrity business supernovas as Oprah, Tony Hawk and the Olson twins because he 'made the world a better place'.

Yes, the world is a much better place now that many of us are hopelessly addicted to Apple products. I was going to say something about weeping for future generations, but it appears that the choices given to respondents didn't make a damn bit of sense either. Here's how the results broke down:

•Steve Jobs (35 percent)
•Oprah Winfrey (25 percent)
•Tony Hawk (16 percent)
•Mark Zuckerberg (10 percent)
•The Olsen twins (seven percent)
•Kimora Lee Simmons (four percent)


According to Junior Achievement, the list of entrepreneurs was chosen based on "people who had started business enterprises themselves, as opposed to licensing their names and images to products produced by someone else." While I agree that Jobs belongs on or near the top of any list of entrepreneurs, I can't help but wonder—where the hell is Bill Gates? You know...Microsoft...one of the biggest philanthropists of all time? [Junior Achievement and TGDaily via Crunchgear]