Steve Jobs' Stolen iPad Taken by Party Clown

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Reread every noun in the headline above—now let's proceed. After a desperate burglar nabbed $60k worth of gear from Steve Jobs' former residence, one of his iPads wound up in the mitted hands of Kenny the Clown. Clown.

The tablet trickled down to the California entertainer, The Mercury News reports, shortly after the robbery—an apparent gift from an alleged criminal to his clown pal, who used it to play The Pink Panther theme song. Not exactly an efficient use of an expensive gadget owned by perhaps the most famed figure in the history of computing, but hey—a clown's gotta live. But the routine didn't last, as cops retrieved the iPad. Kenny's act is now silenced, but he's taking it well: "It would be like getting a football from Joe Montana that was stolen out of his house," he reflected. And so concludes the time a professional clown used a deceased Steve Jobs' iPad to play The Pink Panther theme song as part of a clowning routine. [Mercury News via Inquirer via Verge]