Steve Jobs' Student Foe Wins Trip to Microsoft Launch

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Chelsea Kate Isaacs, that student who won brief internet notoriety for pissing off Steve Jobs via email, only to receive a B on her paper, now has journalistic vengeance. Sorta! Microsoft scooped her up to cover a press conference.

Isaacs won a Microsoft contest to join eight other students and fly to New York for Windows Phone 7's launch—though MS reps say her tiff with Jobs had nothing to do with the selection. We bet! So what does this opportunity mean for Isaacs' tech journalism future? "It's been a really great challenge and exercise for me to just stay totally in the middle and not be totally biased toward Microsoft because I hate Apple, but I don't hate Apple," she explained "I just had one bad experience...It's one person at the company and I still appreciate their products and am still going to look at things objectively." Okay, journalistic objectivity, good. Then Isaacs went on to say, "I have very strict values," adding, "I really felt that was unethical and I wouldn't be comfortable giving [Apple] a dime." Wait, what? That's not how objectivity works, Chelsea! [CNET]