Steve McQueen and Analog Synths Make a Music Video I Can't Stop Watching

There are few things I love in life more than Steve McQueen movies. And there's nothing else out there that sounds like analog synthesizer music. So when my Giz coworker Andrew Liszewski turned me on to this TRS-80 music video combining the two, I couldn't take my eyes or ears off it.

The footage, for those of you living un-righteous lives, is from McQueen's 1971 movie Le Mans. This movie is required watching for any car fan, 106 minutes of true-life racing footage peppered with roughly 42 seconds (total) of dialog and plot. The music is TRS-80's "Formula '71," dripping with the weird retro-future sound of first-generation synthesizers.


What a heady combination. I can't stop watching. Or listening.

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aha, I get it: "Formula 71" = "Le Mans" (a movie about Formula 1, made in 1971). clever! great song *and* video.