While the Diamonds and most of the Homeworld gems might no longer pose a threat to the Earth following Steven’s reconciliation with them, the Crystal Gems will stumble across a new foe that thrusts them right back into the action. While further details about the movie are slight at the moment, the fact that it isn’t being treated as a bottle, pseudo-canonical story the way a lot of animated features based on series sometimes are is interesting on its own, because it’ll introduce an important, new phase of Steven’s life.


Earlier this year, Sugar explained that the Crewniverse still has more than a few ideas for the series’ future, but that the show would have to shift and evolve to reflect the experiences Steven’s had as of late. Perhaps Steven Universe: The Movie will be our first glimpse of this next phase for the Gems when it airs on Cartoon Network sometime this fall. Deadline also notes it “will arrive on DVD later in the year. There will also be an accompanying movie soundtrack released digitally, plus a physical soundtrack version.”

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