Stick-on Cord Wranglers Detangle Desks

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That Hydra of power and USB cords at the back of your desk isn't going to un-knot itself. But if you don't want a freestanding box to organize your accessories, Cordlets may be the answer.


Cordlets are a minimalist means of keeping your desktop tangle-free. Just stick them to any flat surface, slide a the cord from USB device or your mouse through the gripping channels, wrap the excess around the base and boom - you've got instant tidy. They come in both white and charcoal and are available from Quirky, $10 for a 4-pack [via Quirky]



Oh man, these totally beat the binder clip to the side of the desk setup I've got set up now. But I have so many binder clips, it's impractical to not use them :p