Sterling Silver Army Men Guarantee Your Kids Are Adequately Spoiled

Those classic green plastic army men are as cheap as cheap toys get—that’s why they’re often sold by the bucket. That doesn’t mean they’re not fun, though. So if your kid was born with a silver spoon in its mouth, it only makes sense to skip the plastic and get them a set of silver army men instead.


They’re about as detailed as your standard plastic army men toy is, which means not very. But that’s because these soldiers are actually based on the original Vietnam-era army men toys that Louis Marx and Company produced back in the ‘70s. So they’re quite authentic as far as toy collectors are concerned.

Is that enough of a reason to spend $235 on each one? They are made of genuine sterling silver, after all. If you’re actually considering buying a set for your kid, money probably isn’t an object in your home. But if you decide to buy all twelve soldiers in a single squadron set, you’ll actually save a few bucks by only having to pay for 11 of them—because it’s always better to buy in bulk. [Silver Army Men via Uncrate]

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