Hailing from Australia myself, I know first-hand how slowly life trickles by. "A stolen phone? No worries mate, we'll juzz git the 'elicopter outta the shed, fire 'er up, and chase that drongo down fer ya using GPS. True blue!"

The iPhone was stolen from a hospital in Heidelberg, Melbourne, yesterday afternoon by a 16 year old kid who pedalled away furiously on his BMX. It was another successful result for Apple's "Find My iPhone" service though, which allowed the police to track the kid using GPS from a helicopter.


Once caught, they discovered the kid possessed cannabis, which he is likely to get charged with along with burglary, theft and maybe even dangerous riding if he's particularly unlucky. I'd like to know if the young man was wearing a helmet, too. Kids, eh. [SMH via Neowin via Geekword]

Image Credit: AWMalloy

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