Stolen Traffic Cones Come Together To Form Hedgehog-Like Concert Pavilion

You've got a tiny budget and need to have a pavilion for a concert, ASAP. What'll you do? If you're EFGH, an NYC-based architecture firm, you run out, take a bunch of traffic cones, and take the DIY route.

Ok, so we don't know for sure that they stole those traffic cones, but it's not like there's a Traffic Cone Supply Shop at every corner. Either way, the folks at EFGH came up with this pavilion which can be constructed from the ground up in less than six hours using only a very small team, a bunch of traffic cones, and a metal frame. We don't really know how great the acoustics are, but it who cares about that when they can hold a concert under a giant, neon orange hedgehog? [YouTube via Core77]

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