Want USB storage? Take a pill. You might have trouble swallowing this pill because it's 2 inches long, but hey, if you do end up ingesting this thing for whatever reason, you'll be happy to know you can store 4GB of your favorite data internally, until it comes out the other side.

It's not really meant for swallowing, though, and you might want to keep it hidden away unless you want to show your boss that you're a drug addict and can't think of much else than the moment when you can take that next pill.


Even so, it is a rather eye-catching design, and works just like any other USB drive, but considering you can get garden-variety 4GB flash drives for around 50 bucks, this drive's $70 price will clip you for a few bucks just because of its novelty.

Product Page [Valvalo, via Coolest Gadgets]